The purpose of the Society will be to form close friendships between the members to help ailing members and for the benefit of all national and philanthropic issues.

Greek Mutual Society Athena 21st annual banquet & ball. Capitol Hotel February 18, 1940


It was in March of 1909 when a small group of immigrant fellow-countrymen from the former County of Mariou (Amygdalia, Kounoupia, Mari, Peleta, Pigadi, Poulithra, Pirgoudi, Tsitalia, Chouni) Kynourias , Arcadia – attended a meeting called at their fellow countrymen’s George Moriates restaurant at 18 Roosevelt Street.

Terrible and difficult years for the first immigrants.  Much misery and little support.  It was on that long-ago day when a serious problem presented itself.  A fellow-countrymen passed away and there was the subject of his burial.  It was a big problem, even though it does not seem so today, since he was a destitute person with no resources.

His countrymen settled the matter by taking-up a collection and arrainged his burial,  this gave them the idea to organize a Society to help one another for when in need.

And so it was,  that at 18 Roosevelt Street, after discussions with more fellow-countrymen, a second meeting was called for June 3rd at Holy Trinity Church in Manhattan.  At that meeting all Immigrants from the County of Mariou gathered discussed the idea of a Society and elections were held.  The first board of directors of the “Athena Society” was elected compromising four members:

Panagiotes Velotas, President; Constantine Cardassis, Vice President; Christos Sarris, Secretary; George Mitsinikos, Tresurer.  They drew up the Society’s first Constitution and scheduled the meetings, which were six at first and ten later, till today.

The purpose of the Society from its day of founding was to give aid and relief to needy and ill members.  And with the feeling of mutual support,  which has always distinguished its members,  Athena Society has always been able to stretch out a helping hand to individuals or groups of people, giving material or moral aid according to the situation.  Today many generations on from the founding members of the “Athena” Society it continues to thrive and flourish holding high the torch of philanthropy and aid to all those in need.