The Greeks of New York and vicinity who have come from the County of Mariou of the province of Kynouria,  who wish to continue mutual aid establish today,  the 3rd of June, 1909 in the Greek Orthodox church “Holy Trinity”, A Society towards mutual benefit,  and same was acknowledged by the state of New York on the 2nd day of December, 1941, with the right to create chapters anywhere in the United States.

Article 1

The Society is hereby named ATHENA.

Article 2

The purpose of the Society will be to form close friendships between the members,  to help ailing members and for the benefit of all national and philanthropic issues.

Article 3

All those born in the County of Mariou of the province of Kynouria,  or are joined in marriage to these parents or their children are eligible to membership according to the present By-Laws.  The pending member shall pay three dollars initiation fee,  starting as of the day of initiation.  Every member recorded has the right to vote,  to take advantage of the benefits of the existing By-Laws, six months after his initiation.  After this length of time (six months) ,  he has also the privilege of being elected to office.  The organization will accept members over sixty years of age without the right of benefits.

Article 4

The governing of the organization is based on an administrative Council of twelve men, consisting of the president, vice-president, general secretary, assistant secretary, treasurer, and seven members of the council.  Any absentee member who is considered capable, may be nominated and elected by the membership to the council.

Article 5

Election for the administrative Council shall take place at a general meeting on the second Wednesday in December every 2 years.  The new Administrative Council assumes its duties on the second Wednesday of January each year.  Elections are by sercret ballot.  At each meeting it is necessary to have one third of the membership present.  If a quorum is not present,  the elections are postponed until the second Wednesday in January.  In this case the newly elected members of the Council are installed to the office immediately.  At this January meeting there is no quorum necessary.  No member under twenty-one years of age is eligible for election to the council.  any member who is delinquent in his dues for six months or more, is not eligible for election to the Council.  He is also nott eligible for benefits.

Article 6

At last meeting of every 2nd year a Committee is selected to investigate the books of the departing secretary and treasurer and to report its findings in writing,  at the first general meeting in January.  At each meeting the treasurer shall present a report of the Society’s expenditures and deposits, also its balance.

Article 7

The President presides over the organization at all its meetings and sees to it that meetings are conducted according to the provisions of the By-Laws.  It is within his power to decide when the meeting shall commence and when it shall adjourn, according to article 25.  It is also his duty to keep order during the general meetings.  He gives and takes away the privilege of speech,  makes progressive an beneficial suggestions, collaborates with the Council.  he is obliged to ask their opinion on all matters.

Article 8

In the absence of the President,  the Vice-President shall replace him,  assuming full duties and responsibilities.

Article 9

The treasurer assumes the duties of collecting initiation fees ans dues.  This record is kept in duplicate.  He keeps books on the income and expenditures of the organization.  he carries out implicitly all the payments approved by the council,  of which he must have a bona-fide receipts.  Appropriations must be approved in writing by the President and secretary, otherwise he (the treasurer) will assume full responsibility for these expenditures.  He presents the condition of the treasury at each meeting.  All money collected he deposits in a bank of the City of New York, according to Article 7.  The treasurer is also authorized by the Council to keep accessible a fund of 500.00 dollars for the immediate needs of the organization.  When this sum is expended,  the Council may renew the amount upon substantiation by the treasurer of the expenditures.

Article 10

The secretaries keep the books and archives , compose and read the minutes of the meetings.  These minutes are signed by both secretaries, in conjuction with the president.  They transact correspondence,  compose the work of the organization at the general meetings and send out invitations to members for all general meetings.

Article 11

The Assistant Secretary keeps the registry of the organization in order,  composes the minutes of the meetings of the council,  assists the treasurer and performs the general duties of the assistant secretary.  In absence of the Secretary,  he assumes his duties.

Article 12

The Council consists of seven members working with the president to oversee it’s finances.  Each councilman who is absent for three consecutive meetings,  regardless of cause,  is dropped from the  Council.  He is replaced by the first substitute of the Council.

Article 13

The Society elects three trustees, one each year, for three consecutive years, at the first meeting of the year.  The Trustees deposit the money of the organization at savings bank accounts and oversee the property of the organization.

Article 14

if a member of the Society passes away, the Society is obliged to contribute the sum of ($250.00) for his funeral expenses.  The members are obligated to follow the funeral procession.

Article 15

Good standing members living abroad are entitled to benefits.

Article 16

Each member whose conduct and dignity is not in accord with the standing of the organization and is detrimental to the well being of the organization, can be ousted by secret ballot of the members.

Article 17

The funds of the organization can be deposited in any bank in the City of new York, either by a Committee composed of the President, Secretary, Treasurer and two members of the Council, if not by the President, Secretary and Treasurer, according to the By-Laws of the banks in the City of New York.  the new Officers must each year present their signatures at the bank and the retiring officers shall withdraw theirs.

Article 18

The organization can endorse, when necessary and reasonable, in a national issue, in philanthropic causes, in destitution, in the case of a newly arrived compatriot who is ill, and in general whatever cause is considered to be a patriotic or Christian duty, up to an amount of fifty dollars with resolution of the council being necessary.  the decision to exceed this amount must be decided by a vote at a general meeting.  The Society will not organize contributions for any purpose whatsoever.

Article 19

The meetings of the administrative Council shall be held every week.  Special meetings can be held when deemed necessary by the President.  General meetings are regular, and are held on the third week of each month.  Special meetings are subject to members present.  All meetings take place at a specified time (as specified on invitations).  not having a quorum,, members will wait half hour and if quorum is not reached by this time, members will adjourn.  subjects voted on are immediately put into effect.  the decisionsof the mebers are made by secret ballot.  In case of a tie vote,  the tie can be broken by the president.  After the vote is cast, there is to be no discussion on the subject.  It is also prohibitive for a motion to return to the floor after it has been defeated in two consecutive meetings, unless a year has elapsed since the last vote on the motion.

Article 20

Each member must ask the floor from the President and no member is permitted to interrupt the speaker.  Profane and abusive language is prohibited and will be erased from the minutes.  It is severely prohibitive for non-members to attend the meetings.

Article 21

Each member who is delinquent in his dues for a period of one year,  he is dropped from the membership.  the member who has been dropped will again be eligible for membership when he is approved by the members and makes payment of the pat year’s dues plus 1 year in advance.  Then he has regained all privileges.

Article 22

The President has the privilege of naming the following Committees:

  1. Administrative Committee
  2. Committee of Supplies
  3. Nomination Committee
  4. press Committee
  5. Entertainment Committee

Article 23

In every regular and special meeting the order of the day is as follows:

  1. Roll call of officers and council.
  2. Reading and approval of the minutes of the previous meetings.
  3. Reminding delinquent members to pay their dues.
  4. Reports of the Oficers.
  5. Reports of the Commitees
  6. Announcements.
  7. Reading the names of new applicants.
  8. New Business.
  9. Adjournment

Article 24

The organization performs a ceremony with Artoclasia (breaking bread and blessing the holy bread) on St. Constatines and St. Helens day, on the 21st day of May, with the president officiating.

Article 25

The organization has the privilege to organize for its deposits in a savings bank, organize for its general welfare picnics, dances and other entertainment.

Article 26

the cash money of the organization which is deposited in a savings bank, can be used in real estate or in any other secure business venture, if approved by the general meeting.

Article 27

at every General meeting all members must sign the book.  In order to vote he must be a paid up member.

Article 28

The official stamp of the organization imprints “Athena” surrounded by the name as follows: “Greek Mutual society Athena, Inc.”

Article 29

The organization will be dissolved if the membership is dcreased to less than twenty mmbers.  the property of the organization will be distributed to philanthropic causes as the remaining members see it.

Article 30

The present By laws are always in effect and consist of thirty articles.  Any addictions or omissions to these By-Laws must be made at a general meeting and recorded in the minutes.  If passed the changes automatically become binding.  These by-laws as set forth have been passed upon by the general assembly of the Society on this day, 15 of April, 1981, and henceforth are in effect.